My visit to the Petersen

I was taken to the Petersen Automotive Museum, by my darling who loves cars. I wasn’t that thrilled to go, I have to be honest here, it’s not like I was jumping with joy, or anything similar, but sometimes we have to reciprocate. Specially if we then want men to go shoe shopping with us, I thought.

To my surprise, I had a really good time. Their collection is very diverse, and impressive.

One of my favorites was the exotic 1925 Round Door Rolls-Royce Phantom I displayed at “Treasures of The Vault”, and the amazing story behind it. The exhibit provided pictures of this masterpiece when it was left in the junkyard in the 1950’s, and the story behind the restoration that was done, to have it now look like this:

Round Door Rolls-Royce

Round Door Rolls-Royce

My picture does no justice to the majesty of this car. It is by far the most beautiful car I have seen in my life. It doesn’t seem real. The size alone -6 meters- is very impressive, and with a little imagination you can just see one of those 1920’s movie stars coming out of it’s unusual round door and facing the fans at the Chinese Theater.

I just wish that my camera was a better one, or that their lights were better….

For those of you interested in seeing it, the exhibit runs until October 5th 2008.


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