About Moi

I see the Hollywood sign,  from my window with a very strong zoom.


I work in the entertainment industry, designing costumes for film and tv.  You can check my online portfolio and see what movies I have done or will be doing.

In between movies, I design silver jewelry that you can buy in my online store and on sample sales around Los Angeles.

Taxco, Guerrero Mexico

Taxco, Guerrero Mexico

I  produce most of my pieces in my hometown, Taxco, Mexico, where I go to re-charge batteries, get inspiration, and help my mom with her B&B – Hotel Mi Casita.

Moviestar Couture is my pen name and I took it or was given to me by a great lady from Japan, that loved my creative process and basically decided to call my work, moviestar couture, although it’s best known as Costume Design.  I didn’t know you can’t change the wordpress id, so that is why you see the url, as moviestarcouture…  I collaborate under this pen name in the Designed by Hollywood blog, doing interviews of creative people in the showbiz.

I also contribute to the Designed by Hollywood  community at ning.   A great community for Costume Designers and their fans. (note, if you are looking for mentorship in the costume design profession, join the community)

My zen state is when I get creative, and I love to be creative any time I can, which is usually every day.

Vintage Polaroid Frames

Oh, I almost forgot, I love history, I’m a huge movie fan, and I love to cook Italian and Mexican food.

Want to know more?   Join my VIP mailing list, to receive cool info about Hollywood, costumes, events, etc.


2 responses to “About Moi

  1. Que orgullo tener una Mexicana en Hollywood.

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