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Disco Fever Anyone?

Disco Fever Necklace

This is my latest creation. I called it Disco Fever Necklace.

Where the inspiration came from?

Mars and the Moon rumor on the internet for next August 27th.

And the fact that I have been listening more and more to Michael Jackson’s music, and listening his music in others peoples cars, in the stores, boutiques, gas stations, etc.

All this has given me a disco fever momentum, if you want to call it that way.  I’m constantly humming disco music, and wearing leggings.

Oh yeah!

Waiting for the date to see Mars the size of a full Moon, while doing the moon walk!


Introducing the “Love Bug”

The Love Bug, was created to spread Love in the world.

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You can get your love bug at my store.

*Free domestic shipping, and gift wrapped for Valentines!

Love Conquers All Ring

With this economy now is the time to concentrate on this words, “Amor Vincit Omnia” and just today, the ring finally arrived, and it looks wonderful.  Black enamel and sterling silver with my logo and a heart in the center, and the “love conquers all ” latin mantra surrounding it.

I’m super happy, and can’t keep the camera from shaking….sorry for the off focus picture.

Amor Vincit Omnia Ring

Love Conquers All

My first sample from my new collection – Amor Vincit Omnia – (Latin for  “Love Conquers All” ), just arrived.

It’s such a wonderful feeling to open the box, and see your vision into reality.


Round Pendant, Sterling Silver  and Black enamel.

The never throw away your beads Necklace!

Cleaning my work table, I came upon a cute little box where I keep all my leftover beads from my line of jewelry. Some are jut the last ones, and some are the 2 or 3 left over from a strand, of pearls, in different sizes, rice, coin, flat, kachi, and an endless list of stones, amethyst, peridot, jade, synthetic chalcedony, citrine, even plastic and crystal beads from swarovski crystals.

So I thought “What am I going to do with all this potpourri of beads?”

All of a sudden I had the idea to actually do a bracelet and a necklace that would work as my little bead sample carry on. That way I can pretty much nail the same color of stone, and size when I go to buy more of.

The result here:

Potpourri Necklace by Michele Michel

Potpourri Necklace by Michele Michel

I showed it to some of my friends, and now a lot of them want the same !

So I’m doing a few of the bracelets, as custom orders, but only as long as I have the left over beads. The necklace is a one time event, and it’s actually for sale.

So for those that are looking for this necklace which really is a one of a kind, I suggest you go to my booth in Handmade Galleries, that is the only place where you will be able to buy it.

Hello World Out There!

This is my first post here. OOlala!!

First off, I must say that I’m trying wordpress for the first time ever. I have been reading a lot of the blogs in the network, and there seems to be an easy feeling with this wordpress.

So here will be posted what I do, what I like, what I’m up to, and what I dream.

Taxco, Guerrero Mexico

Taxco, Guerrero Mexico

Welcome visitors!