Dia de los Muertos…Spooky

November 1st and 2nd we celebrate in Mexico, Dia De Los Muertos – the Day of the Death.

Dia De Los Muertos

Part of our tradition is to to make an offering, “ofrenda” where we place the earthly pleasures like food, and decorate the altar with “papel picado” colorful paper like in this picture, and marigolds flowers.
This is to welcome our departed from their long journey. Children are given a sugar skull, with their name on it. Cemeteries all over Mexico become like small towns for those two nights. Families gather together to welcome their loved ones.
Instead of Halloween, children ask for donations for their skull.


Hollywood Renaissance

The first time I visited Hollywood, I was still a child. My friend had some family living somewhere in Hollywood, and it was horrible. In my memories there was nothing nice about Hollywood back then except for the Chinese Theater.

The second time, it was so much better, I really liked the community and thought it was a nice place to live for a while.

Well, years later, something is happening here. Something amazingly big, (something in the range of 4 billion dollars development) something like WOW is happening.  Hollywood is going through an amazing make over.  Buildings are coming up like mushrooms everyday.  Streets being fixed, luxury condos offered, hotels opening, new restaurants, new bars, new stores, new everything!

The Hollywood of today will be a memory 10 years down the road, so make sure you  have some stories to  tell to your grand kids.

My visit to the Petersen

I was taken to the Petersen Automotive Museum, by my darling who loves cars. I wasn’t that thrilled to go, I have to be honest here, it’s not like I was jumping with joy, or anything similar, but sometimes we have to reciprocate. Specially if we then want men to go shoe shopping with us, I thought.

To my surprise, I had a really good time. Their collection is very diverse, and impressive.

One of my favorites was the exotic 1925 Round Door Rolls-Royce Phantom I displayed at “Treasures of The Vault”, and the amazing story behind it. The exhibit provided pictures of this masterpiece when it was left in the junkyard in the 1950’s, and the story behind the restoration that was done, to have it now look like this:

Round Door Rolls-Royce

Round Door Rolls-Royce

My picture does no justice to the majesty of this car. It is by far the most beautiful car I have seen in my life. It doesn’t seem real. The size alone -6 meters- is very impressive, and with a little imagination you can just see one of those 1920’s movie stars coming out of it’s unusual round door and facing the fans at the Chinese Theater.

I just wish that my camera was a better one, or that their lights were better….

For those of you interested in seeing it, the exhibit runs until October 5th 2008.

FIDM Exhibit

The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising is hosting the 3rd Annual Outstanding Art of Television Costume Design Exhibition until September 28th, 2008.

Don’t miss it if you are in Los Angeles, it’s a must see. Costumes from ove 40 years of amazing craftmanship, design, and red carpet glamour are featured here. Starting with Bob Mackie’s beautiful red gown designed specially for Angelica Houston to attend the Costume Designers Guild Awards, and a lot of retro from the 70’s and 80’s, like the Carol Burnett Show.

You can also see costumes from : The Tudors, Mad Men, Project Runway, Lost, Scrubs, and many more.

The never throw away your beads Necklace!

Cleaning my work table, I came upon a cute little box where I keep all my leftover beads from my line of jewelry. Some are jut the last ones, and some are the 2 or 3 left over from a strand, of pearls, in different sizes, rice, coin, flat, kachi, and an endless list of stones, amethyst, peridot, jade, synthetic chalcedony, citrine, even plastic and crystal beads from swarovski crystals.

So I thought “What am I going to do with all this potpourri of beads?”

All of a sudden I had the idea to actually do a bracelet and a necklace that would work as my little bead sample carry on. That way I can pretty much nail the same color of stone, and size when I go to buy more of.

The result here:

Potpourri Necklace by Michele Michel

Potpourri Necklace by Michele Michel

I showed it to some of my friends, and now a lot of them want the same !

So I’m doing a few of the bracelets, as custom orders, but only as long as I have the left over beads. The necklace is a one time event, and it’s actually for sale.

So for those that are looking for this necklace which really is a one of a kind, I suggest you go to my booth in Handmade Galleries, that is the only place where you will be able to buy it.

Hello World Out There!

This is my first post here. OOlala!!

First off, I must say that I’m trying wordpress for the first time ever. I have been reading a lot of the blogs in the network, and there seems to be an easy feeling with this wordpress.

So here will be posted what I do, what I like, what I’m up to, and what I dream.

Taxco, Guerrero Mexico

Taxco, Guerrero Mexico

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